Acquisitions! #2 – December 2016

A few more bits and bobs that came into my greedy hands this week.

First of all, some more make-up arrived. Three Urban Decay lipsticks (overkill I am well aware and such an impulse buy!) and a Sleek colour correction palette, which I am keen to try out.

First of all the Urban Decay lipsticks. I got the following to cover all bases (well, that’s my excuse anyway!):

  • Vice Lipstick Trance (Metallized) – colour: nude-mauve shimmer
  • Vice Lipstick 714 (Mega Matt) – colour: bright red
  • Vice Lipstick Bittersweet (Comfort Matte)- Bright pink purple


They are all stunning colours and I am looking forward to using them. I am going out tomorrow, so now I have a tough choice to make…

The other thing I got was the Sleek Colour Corrector Palette. Since I have a bit of a funny face (funny peculiar, not funny ha ha) with various colour flaws, like my chin tends to be a bit red, a little bluey-purple just in the corner under my eyes, etc.  I thought this was worth a shot as it’s inexpensive (about €10 or £8)and should cover the whole shebang.


I imagine I will be trying it out tomorrow. I will make a note of how I get on with it.

On a wholly different note… I also got some new records this week. I already have quite a few records and now I have finally replaced my old crappy turntable with a new one, soon I will be able to do them justice (once I get those speakers)! I cannot f-ing wait!

In the case of these three records, it’s a bit of something new, something old, something older but in a new way!


The something new is an album called I Gemini by Let’s Eat Grandma. I have a soft spot for sort of strange out of this world music. It’s the reason I love Sigur Ros so much. I heard bits and pieces of this album and those girls are so out there, I just got it. The album also has an awesome cover, so I just had to buy it!

I also got For Emma, Forever Ago by Bon Iver. It’s an oldie, but it’s  record that touches my heart, and I am on a mission to get my favourite albums on vinyl. I already have quite a few, but I am sure I will touch on that another time.

The final record is Live On Mars by my absolute favourite band Ash. It’s a live recording of the Astoria gigs they did in 1997. I can’t wait to listen to it, as they are such an awesome band live. It just so happens I am seeing them tomorrow! Yay! So looking forward to that one!

I will show them in some more detail once I get round to playing them.

Anyway, that’s that for now. My order from The Body Shop should have arrived today, but did not (Grrrrrrr!), so hopefully that will turn up tomorrow and I will have something to show next time!