Wardrobe Clear-Out Time?

I have been watching some YouTube videos on something called a capsule wardrobe. Basically this meand you have limited amount of items (30-35 seems to be the approximate number) that form your complete wardrobe for a season (this does not include undergarments or socks of course!).

Although I am not looking to go quite that extreme, it has inspired me to look at my own wardrobe. It needs thinning out, that’s for sure! I definitely want to take a critical look at what I have, what I don’t wear or fit anymore and what I might need to make it all tie in better. It should stop me being to impulsive buying clothes if I actually know what it is I have and if I have a clear shopping list of things to look out for.

I plan to be doing that in the next couple of days. I have a feeling I am going to be throwing out a lot! Like most women I have a lot of items in my wardrobe that I simply do not wear or that are slightly too big or too small or are simply not flattering. Let’s get those out of there! I will probably try and sell some of the higher quality items and put the rest in a clothing bank.

Then there’s the shoes…

I am looking forward starting this little project!


Repurposing an old blog :#:

Because why start a new one, when this one is perfectly fit for purpose. I have decided to leave the old content alone, because there is no reason to delete it in my opinion.

To be honest I am starting this blog mainly for myself, because I am itching to document what keeps me occupied at the moment. Sure, there may be some (bad)poetry along the way, because it’s part of me, but otherwise we will see what I end up doing!

I aim to post a big post once a week with stuff that has interested me during that week and things I have done (or not done). There will probably be a random selection of other posts, but we will see.

At least hopefully by the end of 2017, I will be able to see what the hell I have been up to!