The Guns… Poem

The following is based on a very disturbing dream I had last night. I don’t think I have dreamt anything that terrifying and I have no idea where it came from. I want to write it up in a short story, but I am not sure I can. I simply wrote this (rather bad) poem to remind me off it. What an absolute nightmare. Why?

I heard the guns go off
When we looked outside
Men were shooting wildly
At everyone in sight

The panic in the streets
Running all for cover
A woman flat on her face
Her bags are all around her
I wonder if she is dead
But cannot know for sure

It is a Saturday
A busy shopping street
The unbelievable scene
Unfolding there beneath us
Makes my breath stop in my throat
I feel my thoughts shut down

Then I am suddenly there
Still in the safety of the flat
But yet right there between them
Hearing silent screams and panic
Terror in the air
I feel it in my bones

I see a man shot near me
Lying in the street
A guy comes to check him
And shoots the back of his neck

All this senseless violence
I wonder at the why
Yet I am glad I am here
So far away removed
I curse my cowardice
But what else could I do?



I will leave with sadness
And not a little doubt
I have learned and matured here
And made it my home
Now that I am leaving
I think of all those things
That have buried in my heart
And I will never forget
The sights of this land
That I will always remember
Strolls along the Thames
Swans floating on the river
Rowing boats move swiftly
Arms moving in time
Rolling landscapes soften
The horizon all around
Little villages nestled
In valleys between hillsides
A stag grazing at dawn
Peaceful in the morning light
Red fox in the evening
Eyes bright and watching
Pub lunches and cider
Steak and ale pies
The food I got used to
So English, so home
Things will be different
Not sure how much
Will I get used to
The old ways again
Will I long for this country
That has long been my home
That runs through my blood
And I have loved like my own
Going back will always
Be bitter and sweet in harmony


Carefully walking over pebbles
To the sea beyond
Shiver as the water splashes
Up pale legs en rolled up trousers
Sun beats down like summer
Children riding carousel horses
Fish and ships on the beach
In the shadow of the pier
Ladies with stilts and feathers
Promenading with a smile
Crazy old guy dancing
To a rhythmic soulful beat
A wander down the Lanes
Vintage shops and cafe lunch
Goths walking hand in hand
Their faces oh so thoughtful
There is no place quite like this
A seaside forlorn paradise

A Million Taps

My star will to burn so bright
Dance on feet so strong and neat
Rhythmic voice and a spot of light
Tap a million times and repeat
Dixie whistles in my ear
Promising thrills as yet to come
My future draws ever near
Excitement grows in hearts of some
If you see me on New Year’s Day
There is a question yet to ask
But do not ask if I will stay
The future now is still so vast

8 September 2014

Head in my hands
Brain refuses to work
Life does not run smooth
For things to happen
Of chasing that wild goose
Against all expectations
Patience along the way


Ladylike abandon
Lipstick masquerades
Masterly we crafted
Invisible barricades
Acquiesce the voices
Marauder of my soul
Conspicuous as ever
Into infinity we fall
Fight against the masses
Lift up your netted wings
Waltz into tomorrow
On broken cello strings
Envelope the dusk
A labyrinth of twilight
Then triumph over silence
So mysteriously light
Lungs open wide in rapture
Sound permeates the skies
Hurricanes defeated
Screams turn into sighs