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Week 1: December 2016

It’s December, the Christmas month! And yes, I am saying that without any hint of irony. I love Christmas, I love the build-up, I love the lights, the decorations (even the tacky ones), the food… and so on…

We put the Christmas tree up on Saturday. It’s my parents’ old fake tree, but with a big dog and two cats in the house, it seems a real tree would be a bad idea! We are hoping to get a better fake tree in the sale around Christmas to put up next year. We have thrown all our baubles at it and it looks deliciously tacky, but that’s how I like it.

Here’s an impression!


On with this post. Let’s start do some ‘currents’ for this week.

Well, I started off the month by listening to some Christmas music, because well, it’s finally allowed! My favourite Christmas album is ‘This Is Christmas’ by Emmy The Great and Tim Wheeler. It’s the perfect blend of cheese, humour and some rock ‘n’ roll thrown in for good measure. Why these songs are not on the radio all the time in December is beyond me, because they’re pretty awesome. Though my four-year-old does now think Jesus is a reindeer. Oops!

In the car I have been listening to Ash’s album ‘1977’. One, because I love that album, and two, because I am seeing Ash tomorrow in Amsterdam, where they will be playing the album in full. So excited about that.
Got a few records this week as well, but more in my next ‘Acquisitions’ post.

My other (better?) half and I have been watching The Crown on Netflix. We started watching it because people said we should and well, it has Dr Who in it. Well, Matt Smith. It’s a really good show. It paints a good picture of the Queen and what life was like for her in those early years. We still have three episodes to go, so we may well done by the end of the week!
My guilty girly pleasure on Netflix at the moment is Pretty Little Liars. I am onto Season 7, so almost up to date, four episodes currently left to watch. It’s nothing revolutionary, but it’s a whodunnit and when you find out whodunnit, somebody else starts ‘doing’ something else and the whole thing starts over again. A bit repetitive maybe, but I don’t really care.

The Hippopotamus by Stephen Fry
This one has been on my bookshelf for a couple of years and I finally decided to read it. It’s a bit different from what I would usually read, but that’s a good thing, right? I am only a few chapters in and I am only just starting to get into it.
Another book arrived the other day to read afters. It’s Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. I had not heard of this, but apparently there’s been a movie made and everything. I am clearly out of touch. Oh well… It looks really interesting, so I am looking forward to that one.

Now, I have splashed out on some make-up products lately (check my ‘Acquisitions’ posts). It has to stop! Honestly!
Generally, I don’t use that much. I hardly ever use a full face foundation. I have freckles and I feel like I don’t look ‘real’ without them. I am too used to them. This week it has either been ‘bare face’ or simply some concealer, neutral eye shadow and mascara, and a neutral lipstick. Rather boring, but some weeks are like that! So, this is what I have mainly been using this week:


Concealer: Clinique Airbrush Concealer, shade: fair 01
Mascara: Miss Sporty Plump Up Booster Mascara
Eye shadow: Ilse Watier Quatuor (Legende?)
Lipstick: Rimmel Lasting Finish – shade: 066 Heather Shimmer

Now, that Rimmel Heather Shimmer has been my go-to lippy for a few years. It’s neutral and suits my complexion really well. I think I have one in every bag! However, I am trying to find a cruelty-free replacement (Rimmel still does animal testing to get into the China market). The Urban Decay Trance lipstick that came yesterday (I will do a ‘Acquisitions’ post later I hope) is really nice and may well be good for every day wear, but I find it a bit on the expensive side. Not really one to have in every bag! Maybe when I am in the UK at the end of the month I can pop into Superdrug and have a look at the GOSH lipsticks.

Does anyone have any experience with GOSH lipsticks? Or any other cruelty-free affordable brand? Same goes for mascara. Any advice or recommendations greatly appreciated!

I have a palette of four complimenting colours by Lise Watier. There’s a pale pink, a purply dark brown and two copper/goldy colours. I use the pale pink the most. It has a slight shimmer to it. The colours are great, but I honestly have no idea how I got this one. I don’t remember buying it. This particular quartet does not seem to be available anymore and it looks pretty beat up. It probably means it’s old and it’s time to throw it out, but hey, it still works for me, so I cannot do that yet!

I have been using the Clinique concealer for years. The tone is right for me, which was always a big issue with concealers and foundations for me. When this one comes to an end I want move to a cruelty-free one, but I need to find one as good first!

That’s about it for this post. I should be doing another ‘Acquisitions’ post soon. I also want to do a post on body hang-ups, because we all have them, but rarely talk about them. I have quite a few!




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