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I will leave with sadness
And not a little doubt
I have learned and matured here
And made it my home
Now that I am leaving
I think of all those things
That have buried in my heart
And I will never forget
The sights of this land
That I will always remember
Strolls along the Thames
Swans floating on the river
Rowing boats move swiftly
Arms moving in time
Rolling landscapes soften
The horizon all around
Little villages nestled
In valleys between hillsides
A stag grazing at dawn
Peaceful in the morning light
Red fox in the evening
Eyes bright and watching
Pub lunches and cider
Steak and ale pies
The food I got used to
So English, so home
Things will be different
Not sure how much
Will I get used to
The old ways again
Will I long for this country
That has long been my home
That runs through my blood
And I have loved like my own
Going back will always
Be bitter and sweet in harmony


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